Breakfast Club and some YP truth

The Breakfast Club returns! Our SISTAS (small group for teen girls) had a sleepover and the youth pastor couldn’t resist crashing the party. In fact, I learned 3 quick lessons which I hope you’ll indulge me to continue reading. But go ahead… watch the video first, I’ll be right here.


Ok, here are the lessons learned from this episode.

1) Trust your instincts. I was pretty sure the girls were going to be ready for me when the Breakfast Club hit this sleepover. I should have double prepared but I wanted to be semi-nice plus I was trusting my sidekick (this will be discussed in lesson 3). I did get a couple of them with the surprise attack. Nonetheless, God gives us instincts and discernment into certain situations and it is our own fault if we choose not to act on them. Sometimes God will allow natural consequences of our actions to bring out a truth to know and be applied. We can always learn from our mistakes.

2) Make memories or you will have regrets. The whole purpose behind this Breakfast Club is to make memories for teens. In 10+ years I hope they remember they had a crazy YP who loved them and showed them that living for Christ can be filled with creativity, joy and adventure. If we as parents, teachers, YP’s, friends (whoever), fail to give the next generation positive memories about living for Christ and his Church then I think we (and they) will have a terrible amount of regret and missed opportunity.

3) Leaders have a sacred trust among their people. This one can be viewed from multiple angles. Jess and the SISTAS had a trust among each other that she had to warn them of their Breakfast Club destiny. Jess also foiled this sacred trust with her YP… all I can say is she can’t keep a secret, ha ha (we still love you Jess). And perhaps the best viewpoint of this sacred trust was the fact that these girls didn’t mob or attack their YP. Their expectation of me actually showed trust to allow me to be a part of their life experiences. If you don’t have trust you don’t have a good relationship. God wants us to trust him and each other to establish the best of what we can experience in life and relationships.

Well, that’s all. Pastors can create “sermons” in almost anything 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jess says:

    This was such a great opportunity for girls to be girls and just hang and unfortunately for YP Dave, girls do NOT betray their sistas! I hope the girls keep that lesson close to heart to treat a fellow “Sista” as they want to be treated! This is such a great group of girls and I feel so blessed to be a part of the youth ministry this summer! I hope our YP can understand the necessities of the betrayal (I think he was expecting it) and also understand the appreciation from his sidekick for allowing us to create this special memory!
    Long live the breakfast club!!

  2. Brother, love your heart. God bless you

  3. Allie says:

    Haha Long live “Sista” I may be older than some and going away to college but i will take the “lessons” i have learned to college and past 10+ years

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