God hates sin. Many people view God as loving, accepting and over-looking of faults. In the book of Micah we see God standing as a witness against people who overlook God’s holiness. The sins of the people included idol worship (Mic 1:7), fraud (Mic 2:2), theft (Mic 2:8), greed (Mic 2:9), debauchery (Mic 2:11), oppression (Mic 3:3), hypocrisy (Mic 3:4), heresy (Mic 3:5), presumption (Mic 3:4,11), injustice (Mic 3:9), extortion and lying (Mic 6:12), murder (Mic 7:2). These can be summed up in two categories – failure to properly love and worship God and failure to properly love and care for others.

For these, God’s judgment was certain. Their cities would be invaded and destroyed, their children would be taken from them (1:16) and placed into slavery, God would hide his face and abandon them (3:4, 5:3). They would be the ridicule of all the nations for their God would not save or protect them.

Today, Christians are in a familiar pattern. God is reduced to a myth or a wish-maker rather than a mighty, all-powerful warrior. The same lifestyles that plagued the people of Micah’s day are prevalent in 21st Century society. There is an utter failure to love God and people. Yet, God continues to allow prophets to call for repentance and offer grace.

Micah 6:8 “He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Act Justly and Love Mercy

Many people view sin as those things they do that oppose God or hurt others. These are things that are done that are wrong, sins of commission. But the Bible also speaks of sins of omission. This is sin of when you see something you can and should do yet fail to do it. It may be a word of encouragement that goes unspoken, or offering a helping hand to someone, or greater not speaking out and getting involved in a cause that deserves the attention and resources of God’s people. God is calling you to act justly. Teens can do this here and now, they do not have to wait until older age. Join the rebelution of teens rebelling against low expectations.

Walk Humbly with God

Many people view knowing God as something static, or an achievement accomplished somewhere in the past. However, knowing God is active and dynamic. It is an ongoing process that continues every day. At times, the Bible refers to it as “a walk”. It’s a journey of ups and downs, turns and dips but all in all is joined with God.


 –          What community problems do you see that Christians and the Church could address?

–          How do people (especially teens) buy into the idea that they are only one person and can barely make a difference? Do you agree or disagree with this?

–          What is justice? What are some everyday examples of justice?

–          What is mercy? What are some everyday examples of mercy?

–          Why is the Christian life often compared to a walk?

–          How’s your personal Christian walk? What will you do to stay/redirect on the right path?

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