Why  prayerwalk?

–          You want to learn how to pray.

–          Your church and pastor values prayer.

–          Your doctor says you need to walk :p

–          It can be done alone or with others.

–          Prayerwalking enhances your spiritual life.

–          Prayer accomplishes action (Jeremiah 33:3).

–          It will give you insight on what to pray and how our church can “bring joy to the city”.

–          Prayerwalking will advance our mission to reach Severna Park!

Coming up on March 20 (8:30am) we will be prayerwalking several neighborhoods in Severna Park. There will be brief training and then lots of praying on the streets. We’ll be going out in teams to pray and then meet back at the end to debrief our experiences. 

Also found this virtual prayerwalk for Haiti that you may be interested participating in.

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