Life on the ROAD


Life on the ROAD

Are you living life in the fast-lane? Do you feel the pressures of finances and family? Let’s be honest, life isn’t easy for anyone. Our world is in a mess economically, environmentally and internally. Feeling stressed is an understatement.

Yet, there is hope! Severna Park Baptist Church is teaching a new message series called, “Life on the ROAD”. Each Sunday from June 27—July 18 we will discuss a topic to help you find freedom from the pressures of life. Come check us out any or all weeks, dress is casual and worship is authentic as we journey in faith with Jesus.

Life in Reverse: A message that will reverse everything you ever thought about faith and having a spiritual life.

Life in Overdrive: A message that will kick your life into high gear, forgetting the past and moving forward.

Life on Auto-pilot: A message about contentment and learning not to worry.

Life on the Dashboard: A message to reflect on the priorities of life.

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