Theology of Worship pt. 4


When and Where do we worship?

          These two questions seem apparent in light of the previously mentioned biblical descriptions of worship. It was noted earlier that worship is a life offered to God in obedience, which has the implications that worship is to be continuously lived out in every part of life. Worship cannot be divided into segments out of one’s life for it is all of life. However, it was also noted that a second division of worship could be characterized as that of a “worship service” with leaving the question of “when do we worship?” New Testament believers clearly were in the habit of meeting together every day (Acts 2:26) as they worshiped God and fellowshipped with one another. This leaves the modern believer a pattern to follow in daily worship to God and fellowshipping with other believers. Additionally, there is a pattern of believers meeting on the first day of the week for worship and celebration of the Lord’s resurrection (Acts 20:7; 1Cor.16:2).

Not only can believer’s worship anytime but believer’s also have the opportunity to worship anywhere. All of creation is God’s and even the thought of the works of creation should prompt the believer to praise (Pss.19:1-6; 24:1-2). At the same time, there is an indication that there were sacred meeting places for believer’s to gather in worship and fellowship (Acts 13:2, 16:5; 1Cor.11-14). This relates to the modern believer as we can establish places, like church buildings, where God is worshiped, but to be certain this is not to place any limits on where a believer can worship.

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