Prayer for God’s Body @SPBC

Lord Jesus, thank you for Severna Park Baptist Church. It is our vision to grow godly city on a hillgenerations by loving God, loving others and leading a legacy to future generations. We ask by the presence of your Holy Spirit, the power of your gospel and the persevering ministry of Your Body (church), that you would help us be a people who…

–          who love and treasure Jesus more each day and more than the world has to offer in all its temporary  glory

–          who view truth and doctrine as foundational building blocks of life rather than as preferences to pick and choose

–          who do not feed their heart and mind with Hollywood dreams but rather holy desires

–          who feast on knowing, memorizing and meditating on the Scriptures

–          who are passionate about gathering for corporate worship and spiritual growth as well as compassionate for reaching the lost & lonely of the world

–          who are daily filled with the Spirit for the purpose of being poured out for the sake of others to experience the grace and goodness of God

–          who value giving more than receiving

–          who can experience friendships that go beyond cliques and grow into a church family with genuine love for one another

–          who speak words that build up confidence rather than criticize & condemn

–          who would rather pray than spread gossip

–          who are humble in heart and quick to serve

–          who are broken over personal sin and purified by God’s grace, becoming dead to sin and alive to righteousness in the gospel

–          who persevere in prayer

–          who are fearless and bold in promoting the gospel with our lives and proclaiming the gospel with our lips

–          who have a vision for every tribe, tongue, language and nation to hear and respond to the gospel

–          who are positively pro-life for the sake of countless unborn children unable to defend themselves and have no voice in society

–          who are dedicated husbands and wives in marriage, avoiding divorce at most all possible costs but pursuing peace in every relationship

–          who are dedicated fathers and mothers to love each other and lead their children to the wisdom found in personally knowing Christ

–          who experience contentment with the provision and promise of Christ in every circumstance

–          and who are found faithful stewards of all that we have been blessed with until the return of Jesus Christ.

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