Are you a Ruth-like friend?

READ RUTH 1. Notice these beautiful insights of friendship from the life of Ruth.

A Ruth-like friend is loyal even when you have made a huge mistake.

A Ruth-like friend gives generously without expecting re-payment.

A Ruth-like friend sticks close regardless if you smell, are stubborn or just plain being stupid.

A Ruth-like friend loves you through times of deep heart-ache.

A Ruth-like friend grants you grace when you have taken them for granted.

A Ruth-like friend sacrifices and is often willing to lead a life of insignificance so you can succeed. Even Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”heart_4

Ruth’s loyalty was legendary.
Ruth faced homesickness, loneliness from not knowing anyone in Bethlehem, and perhaps racism; and not to mention the continued weight of being a widow and frailty from famine, with bleak prospect of new opportunities. Ruth pledged her own future, her generational heritage, and her faith in the Lord and His grace to Naomi.

–          Ruth’s loyalty reminds us the importance of family.

–          Ruth’s loyalty reminds us that love must move beyond pity to compassionate action.

–          Ruth’s loyalty reminds us that conversion from the gods of Moab to the God of Israel is often through crisis; sometimes God allows us to hit rock bottom so that we can realize He is the Rock at the bottom.

–          Ruth’s loyalty reminds us that Christian fellowship is essential and not an option.

–          Ruth’s loyalty reminds us that risk is reward for the believer; we can risk an uncertain future because God is certainly in the future.

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