ABF launch 2014

Adult Bible Fellowship Launch

We did it! This past week our Bible Group went from one group to two groups. No, it wasn’t because there was a disagreement or division. There wasn’t a conflict or fight. The reason we divided multiplied was because we love seeing people grow spiritually. Our group started three years ago with 1 person – me, the teacher! It slowly launched with two other individuals with the vision of keeping God and His word central to our group and more importantly, our lives. Our goal was not to grow the class as much as it was to grow people. God has called us to make disciples who make disciples.plant_1

Through intentional planning and cultivation of other group discussion leaders/teachers we were ready to bloom into multiple groups. When our group sizes are big then that typically means full participation and involvement is lower. Further, when we have more groups we have the opportunity not just for involvement but for leadership development. This means the group is not depended on one person. It means people’s spiritual growth is not limited to the teaching of one personality. The body grows because the Word of God is alive and active through the people of God.

In February we are going to have some continued training for all our Bible Group Teachers, Leaders and interested persons to help us toward more effective ministry and outreach. Our Bible Group mission is synced with our church to Love God, Love Others and Lead Generations. So, our meeting will be a time of fellowship and practical development of this mission. Please be sure to participate as possible and invite others in your groups to join us; it’s an open invitation to all persons.

In all, I’m thankful. The vision of growing godly generations is impressing upon our hearts and implementing through our ministries. 2014 looks to be a year of taking next steps and we have much to look forward to in the grace of God.


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