RiSK – new sermon series (Sept/Oct 2014)

Growing Godly Generations


September 14   RiSK with an unfailing God (Isaiah 55:8-13; 46:9-10)

September 21   RiSK with an uncertain future (Genesis 12)

September 28  RiSK with unlikely resources (Judges 7)

October 5         RiSK for an undeniable cause (Esther 4)

October 12      Risk To Make Disciples Who Make Disciples_2Timothy 2_Justin Woods

October 19     RiSK to Go Public (Matthew 3)

Ocotber 26       RiSK for Unending Treasure (Matthew 13:44-46; 25:14-30)

November 2    Nov 2 2014_Daniel 3_Risk For The Faithful God_Zach Villafuerte

Our lives have a choice. We can retreat or risk.

Retreating is living a life that runs away from significance. It swims in the superficiality of our culture. It coasts through daily relationships and activities.  It is wandering and wasting opportunities as you cling to a life of convenience and comfort. It stays safe and secure by never touching the serious issues of life.

Risk is a decision that Jesus is everything. Jesus is worthy of it…

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