Our Obligation To The Unreached


Lottie Moon was appointed a missionary to China on July 7, 1873. She was a bold womalottie moonn of action and radical obedience to Jesus Christ. She shared Jesus with her beloved Chinese people to the end of her life. Lottie died December 24, 1912, leaving a lasting legacy. Her influence led to the establishment of the Women’s Missionary Union and inspired other missions pioneers to join her on the field. Her passionate letter writing led to the international missions offering that bears her name today.




Our Obligation to the Unreached

       Sermon by Dr. David Platt

              President, International Mission Board for SBC




We must give sacrificially.

We must go willingly.

Our ownership of the gospel creates obligation with the gospel (Romans 1:1-17)


What does it mean to be “Unreached”?

  • You do not currently have access to the gospel.
  • Unless something changes, you will likely be born, live and die without ever hearing the gospel.
    • You have knowledge of God (Romans 1:18-20)
    • You have rejected God (Romans 1:21-25)
    • You stand condemned before God (Romans 1:18-3:20)
    • You have never heard the good news about how you can be saved by God (Romans 3:21-26).
    • “The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.” (Carl F.H. Henry)

Why must we give, go and pray for the Unreached?

  • Because their knowledge of God is only enough to condemn them to hell (Romans 6:23)
  • Because the gospel of God is powerful enough to save them for heaven (Revelation 5:9-10)
  • Because the plan of God warrants the sacrifices of His people. (Romans 10:14-15)
  • Because the Son of God deserves the praises of all peoples. (Romans 1:5; 16:26)


And so, we give sacrificially and we go willingly. sent logo

Sharing the gospel is not an option but an obligation.

The church together is God’s plan A, without a plan B.

There is no such thing as an unsent Christian. As a Christian, we can draw a circle around ourselves and realize that everyone outside of that circle is our mission field.


Do you have ownership of the gospel?

How are you accepting obligation with the gospel?

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