reFUNCTIONation suggestion # 47 : May we repent of measuring in ways that Jesus didn’t intend us to measure.

The church should measure what matters.


imageMETRICS. A method of measuring something.

There are traditional “metrics” for measuring the success of “church.” But should there be? And if so, how should “church” really be measured?

To question whether there should be metrics of “church” is futile. People are always going to measure. We need to do some honest evaluation, though, on HOW we should measure, since we are going to anyway.

An important fact to remember is that church is a “who” not a “what” (see suggestions # 35 & 46). Therefore, church is an organism more than an organization. Therefore, church must be measured less like an organization would be ane more like an organism would be.

There is some crossover, yes, because organisms are organized. The human body, for instance, is organized into systems that make it function. But we don’t measure the health of the human body by whether it still has…

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