Why Pray, Give, Go (by David Platt)

Isaiah 6

Sermon by David Platt

4 reasons why we should pray, give, and go


  • Because we have an incomprehensibly glorious God.
    • God is without error and without equal.
  • Because we are a sinfully lost people.
    • God is infinitely holy and we are infinitely guilty.
  • Because we have a scandalously merciful Savior.
    • God fully forgives our sin.
  • Because we have an indescribably urgent mission
    • God’s gospel elicits total abandonment, particularly to share with those who have never heard it before.
  • Here we are Lord, send us.
    We will pray however You want us to pray,
    We will give whatever You want us to give, and
    We will go wherever & whenever You want us to go.


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