Easter 2016 @SPBC



You are invited to celebrate Easter with our church. We have 2 services, both with childcare up through age 5. The music will be celebrative and meaningful with the message. The week prior, Palm Sunday, the message will be on “Why Jesus’ Death Makes A Difference” and then for Easter, “Why Jesus’ Resurrection Makes A Difference”.

Jesus death and resurrection_logo

Jesus is without question the most important man who ever lived in history. Nations and neighbors debate his veracity. Society and culture has been influenced one way or another from Jesus’ life. Christianity has impacted the world because it is not based on an idea but on historical events. Jesus’ life requires our careful attention that we not miss what is eternally important.

We hope you will join us for Palm and/or Easter Sunday. Further, we invite you to further explore the life and love of Jesus. Let us know if you have questions or would like to discuss more about faith, the Bible, and the overall meaning of Christianity.


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