VBS & Volunteers

The church is people. Ministries cannot function apart from church members praying, participating, and providing support. One of our most supported ministry outreach events is Vacation Bible School (VBS). Our church is small but we try to find ways for as many members as possible to share and serve a part before, during, and after VBS. I Love VBS @SPBC

Before we start there’s promotion with banners, flyers, online registration & advertising. There’s much work in the directing, recruiting, organizing, and planning. And let’s not forget decorations.

During VBS is the faces of children to care for the cries and spread the smiles. The backbone of VBS is studying the Bible. Each days story and theme is immersed in every area to support the biblical message. Crafts and games provide a hands-on opportunity to engage children to learn in a tactile manner. Worship allows voices to express spiritual truth with our words, melody, and even body movement. children_1Children are also challenged to put faith into action through hearing about missions and applying missional engagement where they live. And snacks is an important moment each day to respite and recharge through creative illustrations of food. In all, VBS is a full week of truth in love exploded with fun!

After VBS comes the challenging opportunity to stay connected to children and families. Following up with specific questions and commitments is necessary to see the seeds that were planted grow and bear fruit. Phone calls, emails, texts, social media interaction, and personal visits are important to reach out to care and call for people to take the next faith step. IMG_6508

Intertwined through all of VBS is the vital ministry of volunteers and the priority of prayer. VBS rises and falls on the effective service of volunteers and God’s people praying.

As we get closer to VBS would you consider praying specifically for our church? Pray for the strength and stamina of our volunteers, as well as the children’s openness to spiritual truth and salvation in the gospel of Jesus Christ. And don’t just pray, consider finding a way to plug in and partner with us in ministry. Investing in the lives of children and families is one of the most important and rewarding life experiences.


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