Preparing Arrows / Parenting list

Our oldest daughter re-entered public school this year. We chose to homeschool previous years for a variety of reasons. One of the primary reasons was to instill a foundation for a God-centered, biblical worldview on life and educational subjects. Our family doesn’t boast a homeschool badge that we think it’s the better option than what others choose. Homeschooling was simply a choice we made because it fits our family (worldview goals, vocational schedule, life seasons). Each of our children are different, but the general aim is to prepare our children through homeschooling until 5th grade. If our child is then ready for public school, then we will enroll them in public school to further educate and equip them to as arrows to be launched into this world.

In preparing our oldest to re-enter public school, below is a bullet point discussion list that we have talked with her the past few months. We used Luke 2:52 as a template: “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” Each item likely needs elaboration to an outsider, but they served us for areas of importance and will undoubtedly serve as a reference point for ongoing conversations. I’d be glad to dialogue with anyone who had questions. Typically with kids there isn’t/shouldn’t be one “talk” and it’s done. Parenting is relational. So, this list will have varying levels and depth, and is likely not exhaustive 🙂

In all, may this list be of help to others in their parenting journey and launching arrows.

WISDOM: School
– school is to learn and grow.
– world vs Christianity: listen, learn, and speak
– teachers & authority
– classroom & hw
– extracurricular with limits

STATURE: Character
– child’s name identity with Bible verse meaning
– you belong to God and He loves you more than we do.
– God lets us be your parents to to help and not hinder, so we trust each other and talk about our decisions.

– Be friend to have friends
– friends = future; influence works both ways; be wise; pray for godly & good friends.
– families come in different shapes & sizes. We listen, show love/kindness equally, but we also share our life & views.
– speak/act for helpless & weak & different; remember how Jesus lived.
– Girls of Girls: Affinity will vary, Beauty internal over external, Confidence to dream & do anything that pleases God.
– Girls Physically: aware of change, curves, cleanliness…
– Girls of Boys Physically: aware of their changes, charm, control temptations
– Dangers: aloneness, inappropriate touch of body, unfamiliar substances, excess technology or entertainment, fears, — listen to the Spirit’s voice!

– Jesus Christ is our Savior who gives grace and our Lord who guides.
– Scripture is our treasure & truth.
– Church is our extended family.

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