Books 2017

A list of books I have read in 2017.
◦ Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly
◦ Saving Eutychus by Gary Millar and Phil Campbell
◦ Spiritual Habits by David Mathis
◦ One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

◦ Habitudes: The Art of Self Leadership by Tim Elmore
◦ The Seven Signs: Seeing The Glory of Christ In The Gospel of John by Anthony Selvaggio
◦ How To Be Rich by Andy Stanley
◦ Crucifying Morality: The Gospel of the Beatitudes by R.W. Glen
◦ Being There: How To Love Those Who Are Hurting by Dave Furman

◦ Discipling by Mark Dever
◦ Evangelism by Mack Stiles
◦ The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversation: Walking Alongside People Who Believe Differently by Mary Schiller & John Crilly
◦ Surprise The World by Michael Frost
◦ Raising A Modern Day Princess by Pam Ferrel
◦ Generational IQ by Haydn Shaw
◦ The Road Back To You by Ian Morgan Cron
◦ Thriving Youth Ministry In Smaller Churches by Rick Chromey & Stephanie Caro
◦ Parenting by Paul Tripp books 2
◦ Ready To Launch: Jesus Centered Parenting In A Child Centered World by J.D. Greear

◦ 7 Checkpoints by Andy Stanley
◦ Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out by Alvin Reid

Still Reading / In Cue
◦ Climbing Prayer Mountain by Tim Spykstra
◦ A Prayer Journey with the Apostle Paul by Michael Green
◦ The Vanishing American Adult by Ben Sasse
◦ Finding Grace In The Face Of Dementia by John Dunlop
◦ If Jesus Were Mayor by Bob Moffitt
◦ Praying Together by Megan Hill 



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