A Prayer for Bay Life Church

I had the privilege to participate in a pastor installation service with Bay Life Church in Glen Burnie, MD. Pastor Brian Miller has become the new pastor with that church. Uniquely, I have some interesting connections with Brian and Bay Life. Our church Severna Park Baptist Church employs Brian’s wife, Maria, serves on our staff as a Ministry Assistant. Through working together my friendship has grown with their family. Also, there’s a back-story with me almost serving on staff at Bay Life Church (then North Arundel Church). The details are inconsequential and God had other plans, which I’m thankful for His providence to fit the right pieces and persons in each of His churches. But, my interest and desire for good with Bay Life is hopeful. I’m excited for what God will do in the days ahead for their next season of ministry led by Pastor Brian Miller.

My message was from John 17 as a charge and prayer for their church.
My time is 6:50 – 21:30.


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