Beware Of Professionalizing Christianity

Professionalism has little to do with the affections of Christ and aim of Christian ministry. The more professional we try to make Christianity, the more hypocrisy and death we leave in our wake.

Professional Christianity is about power and politics, but Christ calls us to sacrifice and service.

We are not called to be professionals, but childlike (Mat 18:3).

We are not called to be professional in relationships, but unconditionally compassionate (Eph 4:32) and crying shoulders (Rom 12:15).

We are not to be professional worshipers, but people who pant after the living God (Ps 42:1).

We are fools for Christ’s sake, but professionals are refined. We are weak, but professionals are strong and invulnerable. We are in disregarded but professionals are held in honor. Our lifestyle is with the hungry, the helpless and the hopeless while mission 8professionals enjoy the material riches of this world.


When we are reviled, we bless; when persecuted, we endure; when slandered, we humbly reconcile; we are like the scum of the earth while the world dines on silver (1Cor 4:8-13).

We must banish the professionalism of our faith and replace it with poverty of spirit, passionate and dependent prayer, rigorous obedience to God’s Word, unrelenting labor for God’s kingdom, and radical love for people who are perishing. O God, rescue us from professionalism and renew our humility and hunger for Jesus.


  • Adapted from John Piper, Brothers We Are Not Professionals, pp.1-3.

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