Advent at Severna Park 2018

This Sunday marks the beginning of Advent. Advent is a Latin word meaning, “coming, or arrival.” The season of Advent is a time for readying our hearts for properly celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas has so much chaos: decorating, planning, shopping, budgeting (maybe this should precede the former), stressing, cooking, eating, stress-eating, wrapping, gift-opening,guilt gifting for those who gave you a gift and you had to make a purchase that wasn’t on your original list. The chaos is ceaseless. Yet, Christmas was never meant to be complicated.

God created Christmas to be simple: a husband and pregnant wife having their child in a small town and meager setting of a first century farm house. The only guests to greet the Christ child were scruffy shepherds. And while the birth of Christ was simple it was also supernatural with fulfilled prophecies and promises, intriguing genealogies, angelic visits, and a miraculous birth. 

Advent helps us to stay alert to what is primary. As we approach Christmas and the end of a year, let us not rush through the final month without meaningful encounters with God. Re-emphasizing Christ in Christmas should be more than a campaign slogan; it should be a life pursuit. So,“let every heart prepare Him room.”

Some opportunities at SPBC to prepare celebrating Christ this month

  1. Advent Devotional. You can read Scripture and discuss insights with other church members and friends by joining this link: Anyone is invited to participate.

  2. December Sundays: Each week we will read Scripture, light a candle, and pray in anticipation of celebrating Christmas and the next arrival of Jesus. Our Christmas Eve service will be at 6:30pm with music and message around the theme of “Silent Night” in honor of the songs 200th anniversary.
    You can invite friends to church for special Christmas music and messages. Inviter cards are available in our foyer areas.You can also share our Sunday gatherings on social media through our public Facebook page:

  3. Raising International Missions: Every year we raise money for sending and supporting missionaries who share God’s love with the unreached and underprivileged. Our church goal is $5,000. Each week in our worship gatherings we will share video testimonies from our missionaries on the field. Every dollar makes a difference and will be used to transform lives around the world. You can learn more by going here: 

  4. Special Gatherings:
    Children’s Ministry Christmas Workshop on December 1, 2:00-4:00pm with games,crafts, snacks, and a movie. 
    Women’s Ministry Christmas Gathering is on December 7, 6:30pm with catered dinner and ornament exchange. 
    Bible Group 3 (Chambless/Fox) ChristmasFellowship is on December 15, 5:00pm.



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