Little Global Hearts: How To Give Kids A Vision For The World (Akin, TGC19)

“Little Global Hearts: How to Give Kids a Vision for the World.”

Dr. Daniel Akin – The Gospel Coalition #TGC19 mission 11

  • In our world there are 17K people groups with 7,078 people groups still unreached with the gospel (over 3 billion people / half of world’s population). So, it’s imperative to continue in the Great Commission, and it starts in the home and is sustained through the work of local churches.
  • Matthew 28 / Deuteronomy 6 commands Great Commission families.

Practical actions for parents

  1. Be incarnational parents. Allow your life, love, and faith to be visible and tangible to your children.
  2. Love your spouse. Children learn to love the world from parents who love each other.
  3. Spend time with children. Children learn to invest time in others by parents who invest time in them. Many past missionaries began their dream of missions when they were young. Further, technological babysitting should be extremely minimized.
  4. Listen to children. Know your children’s hearts so you will know how to shape their calling.
  5. Read missionary biographies to children. There is power in stories as they captive a child’s mind and heart.
  6. Invite missionaries into home so children can see and share time, learning from them.
  7. Go on mission trips and take children with you. The missionary bug is often caught from participating in short-term mission trips.
  8. Teach what the Bible says about missions, especially that God was missions minded in sending His Son.
  9. Pray for the nations and missionaries by name. See The Joshua Project
  10. Model missional living.


Questions for parents

  • Are you a member of a Great Commission church?
  • Do you have a passport?
  • How often do you participate in mission trips?
  • Do you pray for children and grandkids to be missionaries?
  • Do you give financially to missions?
  • Do you have a missions savings account for kids/grandkids?
  • Do you have a Great Commission ministry in your will?
  • Do you view Great Commission as an option to consider or a command to obey?



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