The X in Christmas AND Holy Days

We sorta need this reminder annually.

Growing Godly Generations

“Xmas is offensive; keep CHRIST in Christmas!”

“The phrase ‘Happy Holidays’ is anti-religious.”

Friends. Really?!?

Do we really need to be offended by everything in society? Are Christians always victims and casualties of a culture war? Certainly there are some things to take offense in terms of moral and life – LIFE! – issues. But the spelling of a word that actually has greater spiritual and historical context than you realize should not be something you take offense. Xmas does not diminish Christ in Christmas or Jesus being the reason for the season, and calling days a holiday is not dishonoring to God. Let me explain…

The letter X we see through our modern English eyes as if the sun revolved around Americans in the 21st Century. The letter X actually stands for the first letter of the Greek name for Christ. “Christos” is the New Testament Greek word for…

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