Sanctity Of Human Life

Humbled & honored to lead our church recognition of #SOHL. Some churches will make zero mention of #SOHL. While I do not look down on fellow believers, I encourage them toward
– Isaiah 58 worship
– Proverbs 31:8-9 work
– Micah 6:8 witness.

◦ Today is the 47th anniversary of Roe VS Wade commemorating the potential and persons lost through legal abortion. As Christians and a bible affirming church, we honor SOHL believing every person regardless of Size, Level of development, Environment, or Dependency is fearfully & wonderfully made in the image of God.

SOHL is not about casting stones but compassion. We genuinely care for people, even those who have made tragic mistakes; even those who have differing views. We are not bullies for our pride but burdened with a purpose. Like our Savior, we want every sinner to know God’s forgiving grace and healing hopefulness.

SOHL is not in part but the whole. The movement is more than just pro-birth but is pro-life. We will speak for the unborn and the aged. We will promote foster & adoptive homes for orphans and victims of abuse. We call for respect in our words and fairness in opportunity for persons of all ethnicities and the marginalized.

SOHL is not just chatter but action. We have science on our side. We have morality in our movement. We are on the right side of history and the tide is turning bc the church is not just lecturing but laboring in the fight for life. 7 Actions we can take….

  1. National March Jan 24
  2. E4L simulcast holistic equipping.
  3. MD Annapolis Walk Feb 28
  4. Pregnancy Clinic Volunteer time for office, counseling, other.
  5. Money (bottles or text)
  6. Donate items (diapers, formula, etc.)
  7. Pray…
  • Our Father in Heaven, we are grieved over tragic circumstances and sinful choices that we can make. We are burdened how life can be treated callously. However, we are grateful for the precious blood of Jesus Christ who gave His life to atone for our sins. We intercede for our nation and world, asking forgiveness and fresh mercy. Create in us a clean heart. Raise up a life affirming generation that will pursue not just vertical faith but horizontal love for flesh and blood. Stir the Church toward generosity to bless pregnancy clinics and co-laborers with resources to rescue those thinking they have no one who cares. Remind us all the choice for abundant life is found in a faith relationship with Jesus Christ.
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