Our Children’s Bibles

As many parents, I love reading to my children. I love cuddling close and watching them hang on my every word – hey, I know it won’t last forever! I love to hear them laugh and learn. And as a Christian, I love to pass on the love of reading the Bible.

As a pastor I am often asked about Bible’s for children. As we have navigated parenting the last 12 years, (currently my children range from age 2 to 12), we have purchased a variety of age-appropriate Bibles. The key one’s that have been most helpful to us are listed below.

The Big Picture Story Bible was our first Bible for the girls. It presents the Bible as one big story line according to all the promises of God pointing toward Jesus. It really is simple with brief statements and colorful pictures on every page. The wording is very memorable and yet profound for children. A couple of my children have practically memorized the stories if I gave them lead in with the lines. This is not bragging because they didn’t always quite understand… but memory helps understanding. I recommend this bible to you if you have younger children.

The Jesus Story Book Bible  has been another of our favorite children’s Bibles. The book has the same idea as the previous, but it kind of takes stories and learning to the next level. It contains a handful more stories from the Scriptures. This Bible is more geared toward those who are starting or can read, as it has paragraphs and stories ranging over a few pages. You can also purchase this one set to cd and it’s worth the few extra dollars. The narration and sounds can capture kid’s imaginations and keeps attention.

Another next level we’ve used is The Gospel Story Bible: Discovering Jesus In The gospel story bibleOld And New Testaments. Again, this Bible has more stories and is a little more wordy than the previous. However, the stories generally cover two pages layered on bright and colorful images picturing the story. The authors have used 156 stories to cover a greater depth to the Bible’s events and characters. Additionally, each story has about three questions to interact with the content and understand the lessons applied. 


And finally, though not last, is each child being able to receiver their own full-length Bible. Our family has chosen ESV Study Bibles for children. We wanted something more sturdy than paperback, that included study notes, and that perhaps would last through teen years. ESV has a few options, but we went with the Grow Bible, which the original version is out of print now. They also have several others to explore, including for adults.

Additional resources that can be helpful

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