H.O.P.E. is here.

Start at 58:02 – 1:00:43
H.O.P.E. is here.

Hope is not wishing thinking but calculated conviction.

How do we get H.O.P.E.? hope

HOPE starts with a HOLY GOD. God created each person with a purpose to experience His love and enjoy love with others. There is no comparison or competition for the true and holy God. But there’s a problem.

HOPE is separated because OUR SIN. We doubt God’s design and dismiss His purpose for the world. All of us have sinned against God and each other, which separates us from experiencing fullness of life and love. But there is good news.

HOPE is restored by God’s PROMISE. God’s promise is bigger than our problem. Since the beginning of humanity’s sin, God promised to forgive us and focus us back on the right track. The path back to God is paved not with good works but grace. God’s promise of grace is revealed through Jesus Christ. Jesus lived a sinless life that is expected of us all, and He paid the punishment for our disobedience. Jesus died to overcome our sin problem and to conquer our dilemma of death. The resurrection of Jesus provides us a matchless gift.

HOPE renews us to ETERNAL LIFE. If we place our faith in God then we have the hope of heaven. True faith is turning away from saving our self with anything other than what Jesus has done for us in His death and resurrection; and it’s turning toward God by following His words and being a witness for His truth and grace.

H.O.P.E. is here. Hope is a person: Jesus Christ.

If you would like to begin a journey of faith, hope, and love through Jesus Christ, then it starts with a simple prayer. There’s no magic words, but something like,

God, thank you for opening my heart to hope. I fully admit I am imperfect and incomplete without you. As best as I know how, I want to place my faith and trust in what Jesus has done for me. I believe his death on the cross pays the penalty for my sin and provides me forgiveness. I believe his resurrection provides me a new life with the Holy Spirit. Jesus, you are my Savior and Lord. God, I ask for your grace and guidance to grow in my faith, hope, and love. Grant to me a hunger for reading the Bible and humility to serve others as Jesus did. In His name I pray, Amen.

If you prayed a prayer like this, I would love to hear from you and so would our church. If you are near the Severna Park community, we would love to encourage and connect with you as a church family. Comment below or email: office@spbcmd.com. Or, if you live somewhere else, you can still contact us and we could help you identify a church family to be of encouragement to you.

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