Reading Psalms

I’m reading the entire book of Psalms the rest of this summer. There are 150 psalms, so here’s my plan:

  • Weekdays read two psalms.
  • Weekends read three psalms.
  • Each week read one extra psalm.

If you follow this plan July-August, then you will have completed reading all 150 psalms.

You can create your own plan, and choose to go at a faster/slower pace. If you read five each day, you can cover the whole book in a single month (unless you’re reading in the month of February!).

The Psalms are a voice when we’ve lost our own. They help us not to sanitize our prayers and to be real with God. Further, Psalms teach us to trust our great and gracious God. You may even find yourself singing in the dark of night.

Anyone joining me reading Psalms?

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  1. Judy Lee Myer says:

    I will join you as I have been reading in Psalms already😋

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