The World’s Evildoing as Gnats

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It is easy to watch the news and scroll media feeds only to get dismayed at the world’s evildoing. As Christians, we know the darkness of human depravity. We know there is wrong and wickedness welling up inside every heart, ready to erupt at any moment. Yet, we must not succumb to the same hate or revenge. When the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain, the Lord laughs (Psalm 2:2-4). Heaven’s throne is never threatened by the turmoil on earth.

The words of the famed preacher Charles Spurgeon illustrate in a manner only he could:

“Let all the infidels in the world know assuredly that the gospel will win its way, whatever they may do. Poor creatures! their efforts to oppose it are not worthy of our notice; and we need not fear that they can stop the truth. As well might a gnat think to quench the sun. Go, tiny insect, and do it, if thou canst. Thou wilt only burn thy wings, and die. As well might a fly think it could drink the ocean dry. Drink the ocean, if thou canst; more likely, thou wilt sink in it, and so it will drink thee. Ye who despise and oppose the gospel; what can ye do? It cometh on ‘conquering and to conquer.’ I always think that, the more enemies the gospel has, the more it will advance… God’s truth must and shall conquer; wherefore, then, dost thou, foolish creature, hope to oppose the gospel because it offends thee? The stone, cut out without hands, cannot be broken by thee; but if it falleth upon thee, it will grind thee to powder.”

Take heart Christian, in this world you will have threats and tribulation, but Jesus has overcome the world. God’s people can operate in confidence and compassion to offer undeserved grace that has been extended to us. Don’t fall into the enemy’s traps of us vs them mentality. Our battle is not against flesh and blood. People – lost people – are victims not the enemy. It is to easy to sit back and criticize, and far more difficult to cultivate and create. Christians are to reflect the Creator in cultivating what is good/beautiful (tov). We speak not as bullies but from brokenness for people in need of grace. While Christ crucified may be offensive, we must not be. We are the aroma of Jesus, speaking and serving as salt not sour or sweet, and light not heat. Don’t let your saltiness be ruined by pride or even partisanship. We make a difference with truth and love in word and deed.

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