What do you seek?

My three year old son is learning to play hide-and-seek. The way he plays it is not as fun for the hiders, but so much easier for the seeker. My son will tell you where to hide, count to ten with a few quick random numbers, then go directly to the spot he’s told you to hide, and say, “Found you!” Brilliant.

Only if life were as simple as finding what we seek by everything and everyone following our demands. But life, and people do not work like that because circumstances are complex and people are not puppets. So, why do we get bent out of shape when our seeking requires more patience and perseverance?

Establishing action steps and navigating transitions can be quite challenging. Our patience can wear thin, and perseverance turn in to quit far easier than the path Jesus calls us to follow. But maybe that’s often the problem. We often drift in our devotion because Jesus isn’t our target. Our focus is on inward feelings that rise and fall, even deceive us and not always based on reality.

You see, when we have our eyes set on Jesus, then it’s difficult to look to the left or right. His eyes call us to endure. His face keeps us focused. When we are seeking Jesus, then values of faith and family help keep our feelings in their proper context.

My friend, what do you seek? Is it a little bit of God with a bit more of your recognition and your aspirations? God will not take second place just because you say you’re a good (or godly) person. Jesus is our once and for all sin substitute, but He will not exchange His glory for your story. Jesus is not your follower, but hopefully you are His. If our happiness and joy is not found in Him, then we will be endless and empty seekers.

It is ok to play hide-and-seek with the children. But let us teach the children their role of seeking is not to demand but to discover. We will all be the more happier for it.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” – Jesus

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