Thinking Today

A pastoral word about today.

Right thinking leads to right living. I commend Brother Al Mohler’s briefing today in light of the politics surrounding the covid vaccine and also weekend events. These days are not for the faint of heart. We must not operate in the flesh but by faith. Christians, let’s think biblically, clearly, and soberly about our current issues. Let’s talk with (not at) one another. While there are concerns about current events, there should be greater concern about our testimony to a lost world headed for an eternal hell. Our speech and social media portrayals matter. Ultimately, truth matters. And the less time we spend with truth, the more we spend believing lies.

So much more can be said, but is perhaps best left unsaid. Sides can be taken and lines drawn, but we must always be asking, “Who’s my audience?” I’m seeking to live and praying to lead others to an audience of one.

In all, Mohler’s briefing addresses important topics that are frequently discussed these weeks. I commend this sort of thinking and conversation.


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