It Will Be New Soon

All things will be new soon. The new year has the potential for better hopes than the last. Changing circumstances around us on a public or personal level can transform our happiness. But the reality is that newness doesn’t just start with the tick of a clock past midnight into January 1.

Jesus creates newness in life by the power of the gospel. His life makes us never alone, and His presence is with us, never to forsake. His sacrificial death makes us forgiven and loved beyond comprehension. His resurrection gives us enduring and eternal hope in every circumstance.

Does the gospel of Jesus give you daily reminders of joy and gifts of God’s faithful goodness around you?

Does the word of God sustain you to fight temptation? Does Scripture teach you to say, “no” to worldliness, and stir in you patience and perseverance in the faith?

Does the community of faith encourage you toward new levels of empathy and compassion for others, as well as providing you a safe place to be real – flaws and all?

This is the newness Jesus gives. Unfortunately, many have missed this available resource and relationship because we’re focused on what is old and needing change. Let’s turn our eyes away from the world’s current and storm waves, and look fresh at the face of Jesus.

Whatever soon may come in 2021, Jesus is already there waiting on us. We may be disappointed, or we could be delighted. Either way, we can trust Jesus is in the process of sculpting our situation into a masterpiece that is for our good and His glory. Let’s commit to seeking Him in more serious and significant ways in the new year.

The God of peace will soon crush the curse of sin forever. Until then, we must walk in His peace and grace made known through the gospel and God’s word.

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