New Year Reflection

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It’s that time of year again! As we finish 2021 to start 2022, let us reflect in at least three ways:

  1. Rest: While some of you are already taking a break around the Christmas holiday, others are still busy and on the go. I want to encourage you to take a day, or so, to rest and recharge personally, and renew bonds with family and friends. If we neglect to recharge and refill our buckets, we will eventually arrive on empty, and in circumstances that will likely force unhealthy suspension of activity. Rest allows us to sharpen our time and tools to become more effective in future tasks.
  2. Reduce: The last two years have caused us all to evaluate the difference between needs and wants, priorities and preferences. When we reduce items from our focus, we are not labeling these as unworthy but recognizing our time is not unlimited. Everyone has limits to their abilities and resources. So, what do you need to dismiss or delete? What items do you need to donate or delegate? As we enter the new year, this is a great time to refocus our commitments to the Lord, our family, our calling, and our church.
  3.  Resolve: Regardless of a successful or unproductive past, we must renew our walk with the LORD each day. Christians must resolve to not waste any moments and live with urgency for God’s kingdom. We know not how many breaths we will have before we enter eternity, so we must daily consider our attitudes and actions to glorify God and to impact others for Jesus. Who is at least one person you will commit to interceding with prayer, investing in friendship, incarnating with gospel intentionality, and inviting to connect with our church family? #WhosYour1? Let us resolve to grow godly generations and commit to doing our part to see God work in amazing ways in 2022.

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