Miracles Jesus began to do and continued to do


#Miracle / SignMatthewMarkLukeJohn
1Jesus turns water into wine at a wedding in Cana2:1-11
2Jesus heals an official’s son at Capernaum in Galilee4:43-54
3Jesus heals man with evil spirit in Capernaum1:21-274:31-36
4Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law sick
with fever
5Jesus heals many sick and oppressed at evening8:16-171:32-344:40-41
6Jesus provides a miraculous catch of fish on the Lake of Gennesaret5:1-11
7Jesus heals a man with leprosy8:1-41:40-455:12-14
8Jesus heals a centurion’s paralyzed servant in Capernaum8:5-137:1-10
9Jesus heals a paralytic who was let down from the roof9:1-82:1-125:17-26
10Jesus heals a man’s withered hand
on the Sabbath
11Jesus raises a widow’s son from the dead in Nain7:11-17
12Jesus healed a great multitude12:15-213:7-126:17-19 
13Jesus calms a storm on the sea8:23-274:35-418:22-25
14Jesus heals a man with demons and cast them into a herd of pigs8:28-335:1-208:26-39
15Jesus heals a woman in the crowd with an issue of blood9:20-225:25-348:42-48
16Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter back to life9:18,
17Jesus heals two blind men9:27-31
18Jesus heals a man who was unable to speak9:32-34
19Jesus heals an invalid at Bethesda5:1-15
20Jesus feeds a crowd of 5,000 men with additional women and children14:13-216:30-449:10-176:1-15
21Jesus walks on water and calmed a storm14:22-336:45-526:16-21
22Jesus heals many sick in Gennesaret as they touch his garment14:34-366:53-56
23Jesus heals a gentile woman’s demon-possessed daughter15:21-287:24-30
24Jesus heals a deaf and dumb man7:31-37
25Jesus feeds a crowd of 4,000 men with additional women and children15:32-398:1-13
26Jesus heals a blind man at Bethsaida8:22-26
27Jesus heals a man born blind with placing spit and mud in his eyes9:1-12
28Jesus heals a boy with an unclean spirit17:14-209:14-299:37-43
29Jesus provides coinage for temple tax in a fish’s mouth17:24-27
30Jesus heals a blind and mute demoniac12:22-2311:14-23
31Jesus heals a suffering woman who had been crippled for 18 years13:10-17
32Jesus heals a man with dropsy on the sabbath14:1-6
33Jesus cleanses ten lepers on the way to Jerusalem17:11-19
34Jesus raises Lazarus from a tomb after being dead for three days in Bethany11:1-45
35Jesus restores sight to Bartimaeus in Jericho20:29-3410:46-5218:35-43
36Jesus healed blind and lame in the temple21:14   
37Jesus withers a fig tree on the road
from Bethany
38Jesus heals a servant’s severed ear while he is being arrested22:50-51
39Jesus provides a second miraculous catch of fish at the Sea of Tiberias21:4-11
40Untold signs   20:30; 21:25
 Miracle / Sign / WonderPlaceActs
1Coming of Spirit with wind and fire and miraculous speechJerusalem2:1-4
2Apostles perform many wonders and signsJerusalem2:43
3Peter heals a lame manJerusalem3:1-11
4Building shaken after prayerJerusalem4:31
5Ananias and Sapphira struck deadJerusalem5:1-10
6Apostles perform many signs and wondersJerusalem5:12-16
7Imprisoned apostles delivered by an angelJerusalem5:17-21
8Stephen did great wonders and signsJerusalem6:8
9Philip performed miraclesSamaria8:6
10Philip transported to a locationGaza Desert to Azotus8:40
11Divine light and voice speak to SaulDamascus9:1-9
12Peter heals Aeneas of paralysisLydda9:33-34
13Peter raises Tabitha/DorcasJoppa9:36-41
14Imprisoned Peter delivered by an angelJerusalem12:7-17
15Herod dies from divine judgmentJerusalem12:21-23
16Elymas, the sorcerer, blinded from divine judgmentPaphos13:6-11
17Paul and Barnabas performed many signs and wondersIconium14:3; 15:12
18Paul heals a crippleLystra14:8-10
19Paul casts out evil spirit of a slave girlPhilippi16:16-18
20Imprisoned Paul and Silas delivered from prison by an earthquakePhilippi16:25-26
21Paul heals multitudesCorinth19:1-12
22Paul restores Eutychus to lifeTroas20:7-12
23Paul unaffected by viper’s biteMalta28:3-6
24Paul heals the father of Publius and othersMalta28:7-9

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