⁃ Life is inconceivable apart from the miracle of biology. Science is not in competition with religious belief and awe of divinity.

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⁃ Reproduction occurs only between the seed of man and a woman’s organs. Conception is not just potential but the reality process of human life.

⁃ A fertilized egg divides into cells that form an embryo. In the first month, organs and body parts are developing. The female body is also forming a surrounding sac to protect and nourish the infant life.

⁃ By week 5, the embryo is taking distinct shape with spinal cord, brain, heart and blood vessels. The next week a heartbeat reverberates loud and proud reminding those on the outside, “I am here.”

⁃ The following weeks 6-8, arms and legs are sprouting with fingers and toes. Facial features appear with oval closed eyes, nubby nose and ears, and a mouth that reflects the image of parental genes. Sensory receptors have begun and will be fully formed by 20 weeks.

⁃ The final four weeks of the first trimester finalize all the vital organs with a magnificent miniature head, and microscopic toe and fingernails. This is also a known window to reveal any potential birth defects. Regardless, a life is completely visible worthy regardless of size, level of dependence, environment, or degree of dependency.

⁃ Mom now begins to feel elegant flutters, or the baby’s awkward love taps. We can also see if the infant is a thumb sucker or not. And guess what else is revealed in weeks 13-14: Ms. Hamburger or Mr. Turtle !?!

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⁃ In the remaining weeks of the second trimester, a mom can give her baby hiccups, limb love taps become even more expansive, and those ears can hear outside voices, and taste buds are preparing with hopeful love for healthy snacks and tasty treats.

⁃ While premature birth is not aspired, children have survived birth after 22-27 weeks.

⁃ Eyes begin to see mom from the inside. Love taps become jabs that can leave mom breathless. The baby is also adding fluid (I’m being nice here) to keep the womb comfortable and protected.

⁃ After 33 weeks your baby is dreaming (literally) of getting out. Movement will decrease but feel firm because space is cramping. Delivery position is starting to settle. Moms make frequent bathroom trips and are likewise becoming eager for delivery.

⁃ At 37 weeks baby fat is pinchable and gains about a half pound per week during this last month. 39 weeks the fetus = baby is considered full term.

Conceivable. Awesomely and wonderfully made. Science is spectacular and supernatural with the miracle we know as life.

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