Uniquely Born

To dismiss the virgin birth of Jesus is to…

1) Rob the Bible of its faithfulness. Either we believe what the Scriptures prophecy and proclaim, or we do not. But we cannot pick and choose what aspects of Christ we believe, and others we do not.

2) Relegate Joseph to a fool. If Jesus wasn’t Mary’s virgin born son, then Joseph’s actions to trust & support Mary seem naïve & foolish to say least. Joseph was a righteous & godly man. Further, he had his own angelic encounter reflecting the truth of the virgin born Christ.

3) Repulse Mary as a fraudulent harlot. Either Mary was telling the truth or she is a cheating, adulterating, liar. Yet, her character and responses of prayer and praise reflect a woman of humble integrity and godliness.

4) Refuse the angels of their significance. Angelic announcements are unnecessary to Mary, Joseph, or the shepherds if there is nothing special about the uniquely born Christ-child. Yet, the good news from the angels is that Jesus is the sinless substitute & Savior for the world.

5) Remove deity from Jesus Christ. If Jesus is humanity without deity, then He still retains the sin nature of Adam, and is merely a good example but not a sinless Savior for the world. Yet, Jesus, being sinless could not be held by death and resurrection proves His deity.

6) Replace the cross from a divine triumph into a human tragedy. The Gospels show Jesus willingly went to the cross. If Jesus was not the virgin-born, sinless substitute, there is no reason for Him to have died in such a callous and cruel manner.

7) Reject the resurrection of any veracity and vitality. If we can’t trust the Bible about Christ’s birth, how can we trust it about anything else, including the resurrection? Further, the resurrection proves Jesus was uniquely born, and thus death had no power over Him.

8) Recant early church creeds & hymnody. OT Scriptures prophecy a uniquely born Christ. NT authors proclaim the fulfillment of prophecies with a virgin-born Christ. And the church was established on Jesus “conceived of the Holy Spirit, and born of the virgin Mary.”

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