Through Dirt

“For dust you are, and to dust you will return.” Genesis 3:19

God made us from dust. We commence from clay. The humbling reminder that our human life is fragile and can pass through one’s finger tips in the blink of an eye. Our days are limited. But the one who breathed life into our bodies so we can enjoy beauty, pleasure, and love, has called us to see beyond earth into eternity. Abundant life awaits if we are willing to enter dirt and die. The paradox of dying to self results in resurrection life. In repentance Jesus redeems. The Spirit comforts the confused and crushed. God exalts the humble and brings low those who are lifted up. By grace through faith, He mends the broken, makes order from chaos, and molds us into His masterpiece.

Let us not fear the dirt, for it is through dirt that we see God’s design and the work of His hands to make all things new.

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