Parenting in Proverbs (series links)

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The book of Proverbs has a lot to say about parenting and family life. Below are links to a series of messages on principles from Proverbs that families can learn to be encouraged and better equipped for relating to one another.

Raising Upward: Parenting Requires Purpose. This message will help locate a target and some goals for which parents can aim.

Raising Inward: Parenting Requires Discipline. This message will help bring intentionality and consistency in the day-to-day of parenting. Take heart, you may not be a perfect parent but you can be a praying parent.

Raising Outward: Parenting Requires Release. This message will help parents launch children into maturity and mission for their lives. We will also discuss some aspects of relating to children who are grown and sometimes boomerang back into childishness.

Why Parents Must Discipline Their Children.

Parenting As A Warrior

Christian Parenting Resources (book links to amazon)

Training Spiritual Champions (Proverbs 22:6) 

Leading Family Worship
–>  video “How To Lead Family Worship”

Anger in Children An article about identifying reasons children get angry and perhaps ways parents provoke their children toward anger.  


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