Strength by Surrender

“But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God” (1Samuel 30:6).

The David of the Bible is a man of contrasts. One perspective of David is him running toward God with intentionality, integrity, and intensity. His love for the Lord was inspiring, and thankfully his many psalms have been recorded for us to reflect on and apply in our own relationship with God. The other perspective of David is him running away from God. In chapter thirty, and the preceding chapters, of 1Samuel there is a season of David’s life as at best an indecisive man of faith and at worse an idolatrous and backslidden believer. One person has said, “Man is the only animal that runs faster when he has lost his way.” Based on the path David was on, he was running fast away from God.

So what brought David back to God? David’s return to the Lord was not a secret or special formula, but a back to basics approach. He started praying again. He listened to godly counsel and made decisions that included God and had the interests of others in mind. He obeyed God in the areas He knew and sought understanding for areas where he lacked clarity. In all, David stopped being stubborn and selfish and surrendered His life to the Lord’s will. David’s strength was his surrendering of self. And therein lies the challenge for us all.

Surrender to God is easily spoken about but extremely hard to apply. When we admit that we need help and are willing to receive the help in the form of Christian counsel and community for accountability, then we have taken the first step. Surrender to God is a daily choice with one step at a time in the long distance journey of faith.

What do you need to surrender to God? When will you admit your inability and avail yourself to God’s resources? How can your church family pray for and help you? You are loved by Jesus and by me as your pastor. It would be my joy to hear from you.


Peace & Prayers,

Pastor Dave

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