Work/Labor And The Christian Faith(links)

Our work and labor is not in vain, but a gift of God. Our work and jobs should not be isolated but integrated with our view of the Christian faith. I echo a statement by The Gospel Coalition:

The good news of the Bible is not only individual forgiveness but the renewal of the whole creation. God put humanity in the garden to cultivate the material world for his own glory and for the flourishing of nature and the human community. The Spirit of God not only converts individuals (e.g., John 16:8) but also renews and cultivates the face of the earth (e.g., Gen 1:2; Psalm 104:30). Therefore Christians glorify God not only through the ministry of the Word, but also through their vocations of agriculture, art, business, government, scholarship—all for God’s glory and the furtherance of the public good. Too many Christians have learned to seal off their faith–beliefs from the way they work in their vocation. The gospel is seen as a means of finding individual peace and not as the foundation of a worldview—a comprehensive interpretation of reality affecting all that we do. But we have a vision for a church that equips its people to think out the implications of the gospel on how we do carpentry, plumbing, data–entry, nursing, art, business, government, journalism, entertainment, and scholarship. Such a church will not only support Christians’ engagement with culture, but will also help them work with distinctiveness, excellence, and accountability in their trades and professions. Developing humane yet creative and excellent business environments out of our understanding of the gospel is part of the work of bringing a measure of healing to God’s creation in the power of the Spirit. Bringing Christian joy, hope, and truth to embodiment in the arts is also part of this work. We do all of this because the gospel of God leads us to it, even while we recognize that the ultimate restoration of all things awaits the personal and bodily return of our Lord Jesus Christ (CS–[13]).

Below are a variety of [ongoing as I discover] links to articles for encouragement and equipping in a theology of our work and labor coram Deo (before the face of God).

Monday Morning Theology (Bob Thune)

Ordinary Christian Work  & Vocation Brings Dignity To Work (Tim Challies)

Why Work (Steven Nichols)

The Gospel At Work: How Working for King Jesus Gives Purpose and Meaning To Our Jobs by Sebastian Traeger

Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work by Tim Keller

Revolutionary Work by William Taylor

Work and Our Labor: Short Studies in Biblical Theology by James Hamilton Jr 

Gospel and Work Intersection – 26 ways – Summit_Greear
26 Ways To Intersect Gospel & Work (1Peter 3:15) – Summit / Greear

Work Hard and Be Happy

Theology of Vocation:

Theology of Work, Vocation and Human Flourishing:

My Work Before God (Proverbs)

God’s Calling And My Work 

God The Great Janitor

Finding Jesus at Work

Work – Designing Homes of Public Events

Six Ways God Is At Work at Work

Staying Godly in Godless Workplace

100,000 Hours and 8 Aims For Your Work

Work With Your Hands Not Your Worship

Work Is A Glorious Thing

Am I Overworking?

5 Encouragements For Everyday At Work

How To Glorify God At Work

The Power and Danger In Luther’s Concept Of Work 

How Vocation Brings Dignity To Work

You Are Never Without Work

When You Are In Between Jobs

Jesus Is Your Career Counselor

The Gift of Failure

The Most Important Reason We Work 

No Job Too Small  

Working Well & Wait For Pay Day 

How To Glorify God At Work

How We Participate In God’s Own Work 

The Christian Who Transformed The US Mint

Your 9 to 5 Is Not In Vain

How To Flourish In A Fallen World

Essential Truths For Everyday Work

Bad Starting Points For Faith And Work Conversation 

Reimagining Your Work As An Offering

How To Witness At Work 

6 Ways To Make A Seemingly Meaningless Job Meaningful 

4 Ways Christians Stand Out At Work

When To Go Public With Faith At Work

Why Vocation Groups At Church

Equipping Children for Faith and Work Intersection

Work As Pathway To Missions

Reaching The Nations Through Your Job

Why We Need A Blue Collar Theology of Work

Chaos Theory of Vocation

12 Basic Principles of Work 

3 Plates To Spin in the Vocation Conversation

30 Simple Ways To Be Missional At Your Workplace

Teaching About Work

God’s Plan for Work: The Cultural Mandate pt 1

Vocation? What’s That? pt 2

Work, Value, And The Gospel pt 3

Being Wise And Prophetic In The Work Place 

When Work Stinks

When It Seems Your Life Is Going Nowhere 

Recovering Blue Collar Jesus

When Choosing Career, Don’t Just Follow Passion

Rediscovery of the Doctrine of Vocation

The Wonder Of Work

Home + Work

Most Important Reason We Work

How To Serve A Bad Boss 

God Still Loves Hard Work

Laziness Is Profoundly UnChristian

Advice For Christians Who Work Sundays

How Can I Know If I Am Working Too Much

Helping People Flourish At Work




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