Wanting Jesus But Watching Judas

The headlines are horrific. Sex abuse and assaults, not to mention the scandals are splattered across our news screens. Priests, pastors, politicians, presidents, and everyday people are guilty of the embarrassment and shame. Cultural icons who talk about their Christianity in one breath while the body of their lifestyle reflects an entirely different understanding of faith and following Jesus. Church goers who promote a legalistic morality and ideological agenda more than authentic faith. It is no wander the secular world is confused and condemning of today’s church.

So, I get it. There are varied reasons people reject Jesus. People want Jesus but unfortunately too many are watching Judas. So, if I may suggest… please don’t forsake faith in Jesus because of Judas. When we observe the actions, the hypocrisy, and the misdeeds of those professing faith compared to the life and actions of Jesus, we must differentiate. There is only one perfect Lord & Savior and He transcends political parties and religious ideologies. Get to know the real Jesus and stop with the excuses or bias for what hinders your research. Open the Bible and see for yourself the counterfeit Christ’s of today (and yesterday) are no comparison to Jesus.


If you’re interested in a few resources to help you explore the real Jesus and Christian faith, below are a few links.



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