A prayer for facing Covid-19

Items to pray while we face Covid-19.

  • Pray for mindfulness of God’s greatness, giving us assurance that He is in control of all that is uncertain to our world.
  • Pray for reason and realism to settle in our minds. That we do not think too little of what is impacting significant amounts of people, and that we do not think too much of something that disables our ability to function with clarity and not anxiety.bubbles_1_photo by Sailesh Patel
  • Pray for healing for those who have experienced sickness or suffering from contracting the virus.
  • Pray for health & strength of hospital staff, doctors & nursing staff, and all EMT teams as they serve the needs of communities.
  • Pray for wisdom and favor with medical and science community to discover vaccines and medicines to prevent and cure this virus.
  • Pray for our national leaders and government officials to have wisdom and insight for making policy decisions.
  • Pray for our churches and Christians to bring faith to fears, peace to panic, and to extend love and service to neighbors. Pray that we be like Jesus who did not hide from outcast or outbreak but entered harmful situations and brought wholeness where there was brokenness. Pray the people of God are protected like Old Testament saints were shielded from plague, like Jesus was the light of the world, and like the early church was often in spreading compassion for the hurting.
  • Pray for the heart of our community, our country, and our world to be softened in seeking Almighty God who gives support and stability during a storm, who gives strength and healing in the face of sickness, who gives grace and hope in light of eternity.

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