How is our church responding to Covid-19?

As most everyone, our church is making the most out of our circumstances. 
  • We are exhorting members to pray for God’s healing and protection, and to use what is meant for evil to be transformed into good for the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ. hey neighbor
  • We are livestreaming a scaled and simple worship experience on Sunday AM.
  • We are creating weekly virtual opportunities for Bible study and connection.
  • We are encouraging our members toward reaching out daily to different 1) church family, 2) neighbors.
  • We are collecting and sharing resources on our website.
  • We are exploring and mobilizing some specific ways of engaging our community: neighboring, food donations, Senior Living writing letters, Senior HS “Grad Kit” of some sort.
  • We are believing God’s providence to orchestrate everything for His glory and our good. Thy kingdom come and will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

In all, we are trying to wrap our mind around what we are experiencing as not just an episode but a new era that will likely last months with continuing impact in the year(s) ahead. Personally, I appreciate prayers from Psalm 78:72 alongside wisdom and endurance.

We are one but many, not alone with the great refuge and help of our Lord, and the resources of church networks, family, and friends.
Additional resources

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