Sharing Your Testimony

Tips for sharing your testimony:

  1. Know your faith story. It’s your before, how, and after with Jesus. Your testimony is powerful because your unique. If you are not comfortable sharing your story, then it’s likely you’re not confident in your faith. God can even use your doubts, but you must grow to know that God wants to use your story to reach someone. What do you need to grow in your faith and ability to share your faith story?
  2. Keep it brief; around 3-minutes. Make them want more not less. We risk people tuning out or turning away if we talk too much without listening and asking others questions.
  3. Keep it about Jesus. Explain why Jesus lived, died, and resurrected. Using a key Scripture verse(s) is helpful to keep the focus on Jesus. Our aim is to draw attention to the gospel, so be careful of embellishing sins, exaggerating circumstances, or exalting your decision-making. Help the person understand Jesus and discern how faith applies to their life and hope.
  4. Leave the results to God. You’re only responsible for being faithful to share, not the person’s response. No one’s salvation depends upon your speaking eloquence. Relax and share confidently in the power of the Holy Spirit. And, if the person rejects or is not ready to receive Jesus as Savior, look for ways to continue investing relationally and incarnating the gospel missionally.
  5. Look for opportunity. Evangelism is a learned habit that we must discipline self to be ready to speak for the living hope within us. There will be moments we seize and others we miss. Learning to see people through the eyes and heart of Jesus takes daily discipline and intentionality. Like a lifeguard scanning the water, so we must seek to find the lost and share Jesus. He’s the only Savior for our sin and hope for our world.

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