SBC Reckoning & SPBC

An unfortunate but necessary update 5/23/2022

Growing Godly Generations


Since the below reports from over three years ago, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has grown in its awareness of victims and survivors of ungodly harm. A Sexual Abuse Taskforce was created in 2021 to investigate and publicize records on this issue from the SBC Executive Committee.[1] A third-party independent investigation was completed, and the over 300-page report has been published.[2]

The report is significant and sickening to read. If you wanted a summary article without reading the full report, these two articles hit the highlights and basic happenings.[3] Likewise, former SBC Ethics Religious Liberty president, Russel Moore, describes the report as more than a crisis but an apocalypse.[4]. Al Mohler, president of SBC flagship seminary, also describes the report as “devastating, heartbreaking, and infuriating.” [5]

Personally, I’m grieved by these reports for multiple reasons.

  • I’m continually grieved for the…

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