We are trained to be tethered to places that promise to please but fail to fulfill.

• Tethered to Hollywood’s pleasures and promises of satisfaction.

• Tethered to Silicon Valley’s heightened promises of a better community and utopia.

• Tethered to Wall Street’s lure of security and prosperity.

• Tethered to Washington D.C.’s efforts to reform or establish power.

We need to be retrained for being tethered to a firm foundation.

• Tethered to Calvary’s Hill where forever forgiveness & freedom are found. 

• Tethered to the family of faith where compassion for the broken and true love embraces all.

• Tethered to eternity where every enemy is under Heaven’s throne, every battle is already won, and hope is unwavering.

• Tethered to the Bible for wisdom from above & inward strength to persevere.

Where are you tethered?

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